A hand holding a sign emerges from a pile of crumpled papers, asking for help with business writing services.

The Writing Shop is a freelance firm specializing in business writing and editing for companies of all shapes and sizes – whether a sole proprietor, small boutique firm, or large corporation. We help write new content from scratch based on your existing notes or by conducting interviews with your subject matter experts, and can also edit existing content to align it more closely with your current needs.

If your company engages The Writing Shop for your business writing needs, you will:

  • Pay only for what you need – no salary, benefits, or paid vacations required
  • Free up time to tackle other projects
  • Get a second set of eyes on your work, helping ensure the quality and tone of your content

Further details on each of the business writing services The Writing Shop provides can be found below:

Proposal Management

Your submission documents need to effectively balance content and visual elements. Consistency is the key, whether your proposal is one page or one thousand.

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Your company's brand is essential. From a copy perspective, it sets the tone for your communications with the public, the voice that customers identify specifically with you.

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Website Content

Web content must be engaging enough to keep the reader's attention, as the average person spends no more than 10 to 20 seconds on a web page before moving on.

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Brochures and Programs

Efficiency and style are key to conveying important information to your attendees while keeping costs down.

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Business Document and Logo Setup

When starting a new business, the number of tasks required can seem insurmountable. But documents that function are essential to getting on with your work, while an identifiable logo is critical to creating your brand.

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